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Self-training AI that is simple, fast, and flexible

Predictive maintenance that solves the underlying problems of production downtime, machine performance, and poor quality.


No Time for Break/Fix?


Whether you’re managing a large number of devices or not, here’s a scary thought – your inability to monitor and take proactive action is hurting your production and could lead to lost customers, damage to your company’s reputation, missed deadlines, warrantee issues, returns, and increased service calls.

We understand that constantly searching for solutions to improve quality and reliability can often be confusing and frustrating. Many times, the solutions that can make the greatest impact on your organization seem just out of reach due to a lack of time, internal expertise,  or legacy infrastructure. In many cases, this leaves operators with having to accept the status quo. 

Metal Pipes


Instead of putting your organization at risk by settling for the status quo, take charge with Elipsa's no-code/no-touch self managed AI solutions. We enable organizations to proactively fix the problem before the break.  

Go From Reactive to Proactive with Elipsa AI

Get GoingToday!

If you're ready to extract the hidden value in your IoT machine data, simply:



Let us know the data points you are looking to monitor


Elipsa automatically configures a machine learning template that is specific to your machine or process


Automatically deploy your AI-driven predictive solutions for any number of machines on the edge or in the cloud   

The Elipsa Difference

Turn promise into reality with Approachable AI

Elipsa’s mission is to deliver plug-and-play predictive solutions that operational IoT users can quickly deploy using their existing infrastructure and without complication.  



Rapid Deployment Templates and our intuitive user interface make it easy for anyone to build and deploy AI-driven predictive solutions with just a few clicks. We take the complication out of AI by automating the entire process; you just need to provide the data.  



Elipsa’s API-based approach enables users to easily plug leading-edge predictive solutions into their existing workflow in the cloud or on an edge device. This allows for a seamless upgrade to your existing processes.  



We simplify the process by providing multiple options to get started. Our intuitive interface enables users to test, build, and deploy new models with just a few clicks by delivering a unique API that can plug into any workflow. This process works well for most medium and small use cases. For larger deployments, we work with you to create machine-specific Rapid Deployment Templates that fully automate the data collection, model creation, training, and deployment, allowing for fast deployment at any scale.  



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