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Meet the Team


Jeff Kimmel


Co-Founder + 

Chief Executive Officer

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Josh Boyle


Co-Founder +

Chief Business Officer

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Our Mission

Elipsa was started in 2019 with a few simple principles in mind: 


  • To build software solutions that empower every user no matter their technical acumen or organizational need.  


  • We know that not all data was created equal. We help organizations cut through the data noise to realize value through clicks not code. 

  • Challenges may vary by industry but the need for one version of the truth applies to all. We will strive to deliver explainable data-driven answers to business users when, where, and how they need them.  

  • Good analytics tools should simplify, not get in the way.  We deliver insights at any scale without complication.  

  • Great insights are rarely discovered from a single data source, identifying the proper contextual inputs and factors can mean all the difference.  We make your big data small. 

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