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Elipsa Building Solutions 

Elipsa optimizes building systems and processes through advanced AI and analytics to reduce carbon emissions and lower operating costs while ensuring safe and productive indoor environments. 

Digital Transformation

Once deployed, Elipsa's solution immediately begins monitoring and learning in real time to identify and alert operators through intuitive dashboards and customized alerts.

Elipsa's automated machine learning and AI platform analyzes data from building systems to identify patterns, correlations, and trends. This information is used to predict future energy use, equipment failure and to develop optimized energy management strategies.

Elipsa analyzes building systems data in real-time using advanced analytics and AI. This data can include temperature, lighting levels, occupancy, weather, and other factors that affect operational efficiency. By identifying outliers in this data and through predictive maintenance, operators are able to reduce energy waste, ensure availability, and increase overall efficiency.

Immidate Impact 

Lower Energy Costs: 
Anticipate and plan for future energy needs through equipment-specific load forecasting. These insights allow operators to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills for building owners and tenants.

Increased System Efficiency and Lifespan:
Using AI-based predictive maintenance, Elipsa predicts when building systems are likely to require repairs heading off breakdowns before they occur, increasing equipment uptime, and reducing system wear. 

Improved Productivity and Comfort: 
Elipsa improves occupant comfort through real-time predictions that allow operators to take corrective measures to ensure constant environmental conditions. 

Reduced Environmental Impact:
Elipsa optimizes the performance of a building's systems, such as HVAC and lighting, through real-time insights that enable operators to reduce energy waste and ensure that systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Resource Planning and Optimization:
Elipsa's AI-based load forecasting and outlier detection identify real-time anomalies while forecasting future resource needs allowing for planning and increased efficiency.

The Elipsa Difference 

Elipsa's holistic approach to building sustainability and cost reduction provides building management teams and owners with reliable data-driven insights that ensure safe, comfortable, and productive facilities. 

Transparent and Actionable Predictive Insights

Elipsa's automated AI platform delivers a seamless view of your core assets via real-time visualizations and alerts. Quickly understand your assets' current and future health while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.


Root Cause Analysis and Confidence Scoring

Elipsa not only detects and alerts to future issues using AI-based predictive maintenance but also reports what data points are driving the decision to allow for quick diagnosis and correction.


Digital Twin and Scenario Testing

Use digital twins to monitor equipment in real-time or to conduct scenario testing based on your operational data.


Resource Planning and Optimization

Elipsa's AI-based load forecasting and outlier detection identify real-time anomalies while forecasting future resource needs allowing for advanced planning and increased efficiency.


Insights Where You Need Them

Elipsa can be applied as a stand-alone intelligent monitoring solution or seamlessly integrated with existing workflows and systems. This allows organizations to upgrade without disruption.

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