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The simplest and fastest solution for providing AI at scale

Elipsa's Rapid Deployment Templates provide end-to-end automation of the machine learning process.  Simply connect your application, or workflow, to a template's API and Elipsa automates the rest.

Connect any number of like machines to a single API endpoint and scale your usage of AI like never before.

Self-Service Automated:

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Aerial View of Containers
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Historical Data Aggregation

Elipsa starts learning from the moment you connect your device.  We automatically aggregate a historical dataset as your machine runs.

Model Training

Once we have collected enough data, Elipsa trains an initial AI model and starts returning predictions without additional interaction from the user.


As we continue to collect data, Elipsa automatically retrains your model on a more robust dataset for improved predictions.

Predictive Insights

Predictive insights are delivered directly into your existing applications and workflows through the same API

Flexible Deployment to the Cloud or Edge

Eliminate the complexities of bringing machine learning models to production.  With a click of a button easily deploy AI where you need it whether in the cloud or on the edge


Cloud to cloud deployment allows you to make predictions against your steaming data in the cloud. Access insights where and when you need them


Edge edployment enables you to deploy models directly to your edge devices.  Decrease latency and data transfer costs while increasing security.

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