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Node-Red Native Predictive Maintenance

Elipsa's Rapid Deployment Templates for Predictive Maintenance are now available in Node-Red via our custom node.

Elipsa and Node-Red combine to provide the simplest, fastest, and most flexible way of making your applications more intelligent.

Elipsa AI Templates

To get started, simply signup for a free API access key and utilize our APIs to build a custom predictive maintenance template.

Node-Red Predictive Maintenance

Simply add the Node-Red flow to your palette, drag it into your flow and connect the input to your sensor data.

Your sensor data must be passed in the msg.payload object to the Elipsa Node.

With the node connected, simply enter the information generated when you created your Elipsa template.

With the node configured, stream new data to the Elipsa node and our self-service AI automates the rest:

  1. The node streams data to the Elipsa Cloud, aggregating the data until it reaches enough data to train an initial model (as defined in the template that you created

  2. Once enough data has been received, Elipsa automatically trains an outlier detection model on your data

  3. Elipsa makes predictions against the initial model while continuing to aggregate data

  4. Once it has received enough data (as defined in the template) Elipsa automatically re-trains the model on the larger dataset for future predictions

Simple, Fast, and Flexible AI

Elipsa and Node-Red combine to make applications more intelligent. To get started with using Elipsa in Node-Red, signup for a free access key or contact us at


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