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Elipsa + ClearBlade take the complexity out of Intelligent Asset Monitoring …

In the land of Industrial IoT, your assets’ reliability, availability, and life span are critical to your organization’s success.

Industrial organizations have invested heavily over the past decade in new equipment and retrofitting legacy systems so that operational data can be extracted from their most critical assets. This steady investment has already started to pay off in specific segments of the industrial space. For example, predictive maintenance is already prevalent on the factory floor and in settings where there are relatively controlled environments and predictable operating parameters.

Outside the factory floor, it has been a bit more challenging due to IoT’s three C’s: Connectivity, Compatibility, and Complexity.


Although the rollout of 5G has improved coverage, for organizations with remote assets or mobile fleets, ensuring continuous monitoring in the cloud is difficult and expensive to maintain.


It is not uncommon to encounter a portfolio of equipment where each asset "speaks a different language".


Organizations rely on their diverse fleet of machines to get the job done, but this can create data silos and log jams that hinder an organization’s ability to glean meaningful insights across their portfolio.

At Elipsa, we focus on making Predictive Maintenance simple, fast, and flexible for industrial organizations, full stop. We partner with leading-edge IoT platform providers like ClearBlade to help our customers quickly address the three C’s while delivering the data that drives our predictive solutions.

This is a giant leap forward in delivering AI based Predictive Maintenance and analytics in one unified platform; purpose built for Industrial IoT.

Our combined solution enables any organization to quickly reduce machine down time and maintenance expenses while increasing workplace safety and machine output, resulting in meaningful efficiency gains that drive bottom line results.

How do we do it?

ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets solution enables the ingestion, normalization, and delivery of data to Elipsa’s edge-enabled predictive suite from any connected machine in the cloud or on the edge. This seamless integration and deployment flexibility allows organizations to monitor their entire portfolio from one unified platform.

By automating the data science through no-code tools we empower front line operators to quickly and seamlessly deploy AI on the edge regardless of their technical background.

What does this mean for me?

By leveraging the strengths of both Elipsa and ClearBlade in data management, remote asset tracking, workflow automation, and predictive maintenance, operators can quickly and easily deliver location analytics and AI-based insights on the edge without disrupting existing workflows.

How easy is it?

It’s as simple as filling in a web form.

Elipsa’s Rapid Deployment Templates were developed with end users in mind. Simply configure the data fields you would like to monitor and Elipsa automatically builds a template that is specific to your machine. In just a few minutes, the template is ready to receive data from all like devices.

Once the template is live, Elipsa’s AI engine automatically starts learning from each machine. Once enough data has been collected, the Elipsa platform then deploys machine-specific AI models to each connected device. This 1 model to 1 machine approach drastically increases prediction accuracy by adapting the model to each machine’s normal working parameters. Over time the system automatically retrains each model to ensure the most accurate insights. All this is seamlessly integrated so that the predictive insights appear in your ClearBlade instance.

Elipsa and ClearBlade’s end-to-end AI solution helps organizations in any stage of their IoT journey achieve operational clarity and drive bottom line results without the complications.


Let’s get started today. Contact our team at:


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