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Elipsa AI Academic Research License Now Available

At Elipsa, we recognize that some of the most impactful innovations come from the world's many academic institutions. That is why we are happy to support those efforts with free software and support.

Over the years, we have had the great pleasure of working with students, Ph.D. candidates, and professors that have taken on some of society's biggest problems. By combining their subject matter expertise with Elipsa's no-code AI, research teams can make extraordinary breakthroughs in less time, allowing them to focus on solving the problem and not the mechanics of data science.

From reducing emissions in Oil & Gas production to making combustion engines more efficient to reducing power consumption in public buildings. These research projects lead to real-world solutions that positively impact our everyday lives.

So what's Included?

Access to the Elipsa automated AI platform to train, build, and deploy AI-based predictive models

  • Up to 3 separate production models that receive data once a minute

  • Introductory discussion and assistance with getting started.

  • Ongoing project support

How do I get started?

Sign up today for free access by clicking here, or to learn more about Elipsa, visit us at:


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