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Achieving Clarity with Elipsa's Machine Intelligence Platform

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Elipsa allows organizations to monitor, optimize, and maintain all of their machine assets on one platform using no-code AI.

Intelligent Monitoring Dashboards 

 See all of your machines in one place, monitored by AI-based predictive maintenance that alerts you to potential issues before they occur.

Digital Twin and Scenario Planning

Quickly build and deploy digital twins for your most critical assets with just a few clicks. Stress test and optimize by running different scenarios based on your equipment’s real-time data.

Statistical Analysis 

 Apply pre-configured statistical tools to visualize, analyze, and share your machine data to uncover new insights and drive innovation.


About Elipsa — Elipsa’s predictive solutions are used by industrial organizations to monitor their machine assets in real-time using automated artificial intelligence. Through Elipsa’s Machine Intelligence Platform, users can diagnose and proactively address machine failure while increasing overall efficiency. Easy-to-use machine templates connect new and existing equipment via MQTT or API to deliver actionable insights in the cloud or on-premise. By automating the data science, deployment, and machine health reporting, Elipsa allows industrial organizations to focus on their core business while reducing costs.

Experience Elipsa’s simple, fast, and flexible AI for yourself.

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