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Automate Quality Control by Identifying Defects

Elipsa allows users to quickly and easily build predictive models to monitor production results and identify defective or damaged products.

By employing computer vision techniques such as image classification and object detection, Elipsa can spot defective products at the point of production.

This prevents damaged or defective products from reaching customers, saving suppliers time and money while reducing reputational risk.


Inspection Services


Using no-code AI, users can train models to detect defects and issues in even the most remote locations.


Vaccine Production Line

Monitor the production line for defective products before they leave the factory .

Reduce recalls and buybacks leading to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Smart Buildings

Security Surveillance

Surveillance needs differ based on the building and use.  Train AI models with no-code to be able to detect the types of images and objects that are relevant to you.


In a test case using image classification to identity defective bearings, Elipsa was able to correctly classify whether a product was defective or not with high accuracy.

Monitoring for defects with AI enables organizations to increase efficiencies within their workforce by cutting down on manual inspections helping to reduce waste, cut costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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