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Glass Buildings

Elipsa Impact 

Lower Energy Costs: 
Equipment-specific load forecasting enables reduced energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills for building owners and tenants.

Increased System Efficiency and Lifespan: 
Predictive maintenance predicts when building systems are likely to require repairs, heading off breakdowns before they occur, increasing equipment uptime, and reducing system wear. 

Resource Planning and Optimization: 
Elipsa's AI-based load forecasting and outlier detection identify real-time anomalies while forecasting future resource needs, allowing for planning and increased efficiency.

Improved Productivity and Comfort: 
Real-time predictions allow operators to take corrective measures to ensure optimal environmental conditions. 

Reduced Environmental Impact:
Elipsa optimizes the performance of a building's systems, such as HVAC and lighting, through real-time insights that enable operators to reduce energy waste and ensure that systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Data-driven Insights and Visibility: 
Elipsa uses leading-edge analytics and AI to monitor and alert users to changes in system operations, providing a single pane of glass for all machine location, usage, and machine health metrics. 

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