Stop spending time pulling data into excel and updating formulas/cells in order to conduct a granular analysis. With over 80K data points in our system, and the ability to ingest your own data, quickly run correlations for a defined period or historically for a defined day count on any two data points you need


Companies are limited to a single sector and industry classification. However, many companies operate across multiple sectors and all companies interact across industries. Using machine learning, Elipsa decomposes data to view exposures in a different way, providing a broader view of your true risk


Existing systems limit you to running cross-correlations on high level data sets. Easily visualize your data by quickly generating a cross-correlation heat map of any data points you need


Understand what data sets are driving changes in your data. Choose from over 35K granular economic indicators, or your own data, to understand what is relevant in impacting your time series data. Better understand risks and contributors to single stocks and funds


Next-generation factor analysis. Via a multi-step machine learning approach, we increase the accuracy of factor weightings. Other systems focus on the same primary factors. While these have great value, Elipsa allows the user to create factors using your expertise to expand the analysis


Legacy systems focus on what if scenarios that are unlikely to happen again. Dynamically create your own scenarios by toggling up/down current values of relevant data. Predict potential upside/downside of your companies and funds in your expected scenario

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