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Approachable AI for the Business User 

Plug and play predictive solutions to enhance your existing analytics and uncover new insights


Connect the Dots Between Data and Insights


Elipsa uses machine learning to identify the best model for your data to accurately understand what’s currently happening and what will happen in the future

Elipsa’s explainable AI tools cut out the technical jargon lowering the barrier to access the highest quality data insights


Delivered to the platform of your choice

data drivers

No-code deep analysis of your historical data to identify the factors that have the greatest influence. Providing the why behind your data.

scenario analyzer

Build no-code machine learning models without the technical jargon.  Create scenarios to run dynamic what-if analysis. Providing the how behind your data.


AI-as-a-Service. Enhanced analytics delivered where and when you need them. Embed results directly into your application to augment your processes.


Our Mission

Bridge the gap between those who understand the data and those who understand the science. 


Elipsa was started in 2019 with a few simple principles in mind:

  • Democratize analytics by building software focused on empowering the user, not their technical counterparts  

  • Not all data is created equal. The faster an organization can cut through the clutter the faster value can be created for internal stakeholders and clients.

  • Challenges may vary by industry but the need for one version of the truth applies to all. We strive to deliver clarity in data.

  • Good analytics tools should simplify, not get in the way.  We deliver insights at the scale with clicks not code.

  • Great insights are rarely discovered from a single data source, identifying the proper contextual inputs and factors can mean all the difference.  We make big data small.

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