Artificial Intelligence for IoT

Smart devices and sensors are generating 1 Billion GB of data every day.  This data contains critical insights about your business.  Elipsa's Approachable AI approach allows users to easily connect and analyze this growing IoT data to help automate processes, identify faults and opportunities, and make more informed business decisions.

Elipsa allows companies to apply predictive analytics to this wealth of data through our no-code platform, allowing organizations to scale their use of AI



Go beyond historical trend analysis, and single point data alerts.  Using the Elipsa Analytics Platforms, users can build predictive models without writing a single line of code.

Predictive maintenance, energy consumption. production yield are just a few examples of business decisions that can be better understood and automated through Elipsa.

Reduce costs and increase revenue through predictive analytics


Take data management past rules based alert monitoring.  With the Elipsa Analytics Platform, users can look at their data holistically to find patterns in big data  to find outliers based on combinations of your data. 

Detect more defects, faults, and errors.  Improve product quality and reduce costs.


Run automated simulations to test different data values to understand which yield the greatest results.

Optimize your production process, lower your energy consumption, or increase yield by finding the optimal settings for greatest results.

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