Elipsa Scenario Analyzer allows the user to create predictive machine learning models with clicks not code.  Our no-code AI platform puts advanced analytics directly in the hands of the user without the technical jargon.

Select from templated or custom-built models to help create what-if forecasts to augment your decision-making process.  Gone are the days of scenario analysis built purely on historical events unlikely to occur again.  The Elipsa Scenario Analyzer takes the current state of your data drivers and allows the user to dynamically create what-if scenarios by adjusting values in real-time.

Easily combine your domain expertise with advanced analytics to help make more informed decisions.


Financial Services

Asset Managers

Manage risk and generate more alpha by running what-if  scenarios based on the present not the past.

Easily incorporate your assumptions on where key data drivers are moving to quickly see the projected impact on your portfolio and where unknown risks and alpha exist

Financial Advisors

Quickly run various scenarios against your client's portfolios to help generate insights into how their investments are prepared for different scenarios.

Utilize AI to help provide additional insights and value to your clients

Banks and Credit Unions

The Scenario Analyzer can build a custom model to project the impact to your Balance Sheet under different scenarios.  Run regulatory scenarios from DFAST, CCAR, NCUA to better understand your financial strength in various what-if scenarios